DeltaWing Coupe Leads Opening Practice At COTA

The DeltaWing got to show its strength in the wet today on a rainy Circuit of the Americas. Forecast calls for rain throughout today and tomorrow. Might they pull off an upset in the new car? The DeltaWing set a 2:14.909 lap ahead of the 02 ESM HPD with a 2:16.573 while many other cars spent much or all of the… »9/20/13 11:03am9/20/13 11:03am

How did I miss Rod Millen climbing Pikes Peak in an Electric car?

How is the King of the Mountain climbing it this year? Well, in the Electric class! How could I have not heard this news? It makes a lot of sense too, if if you think about it. »6/26/13 10:38am6/26/13 10:38am