Sounds like his practices were, in fact, deceptive. The report says he's accused of intentionally hiding the cost of a loan, telling customers their $500 loan would get paid off with $650 on the standard schedule but actually charging them over $1000. » 12/17/14 12:08am Wednesday 12:08am

Yeah, I'm definitely not a fan of either Busch brother, and I'd love to see them knocked down a peg. But I'm also trying not to judge them purely on an allegation. If it turns out he did do it, you bet I want to see him drawn and quartered, but I'd rather not see a witch hunt like we saw with Tony Stewart. » 12/16/14 3:14pm Tuesday 3:14pm

The ACO has also turned down a plan to have SuperGT GT500 cars race Le Mans in the past. They want just the four classes of car, plus Garage 56 for new technologies. And I don't see that changing for as long as they're still turning teams away on a regular basis. They specifically use that as a way to promote teams… » 12/16/14 1:16pm Tuesday 1:16pm

Perhaps, but you've still got two manufacturers with a pair of champions for next year: Ferrari and McLaren. Then you have McLaren from 2010-2012, and if you add Massa who was within a single point of a championship (ahead of his teammate, sitting champion Kimi) you add Ferrari to that then this will be their 6th year… » 12/15/14 10:47am Monday 10:47am

Because that's the car that races in GT3 as a modified production car (the GT-R). V8SC, DTM, NASCAR, BSC, and other silhouette series are intended to be common underneath the skin, so naturally when you give the OEMs that option they want to advertise their bread and butter cars that customers are likely to buy. » 12/09/14 11:16am 12/09/14 11:16am