The exact same can be said about swimming, skiing, bobsled, and cycling (which all got >80% votes as sport). If you put equal competitors in any of those sports, the best equipment will win more often than not. That's why you see so much effort being spent on developing advanced skis, swimsuits, bobsleds, and bikes,… » 8/20/14 11:53am Wednesday 11:53am

Because it cost too much money, which hurt car count and variety. Both because production tooling is expensive in the first place, and because these specials meant once one OEM funneled an obscene amount of cash into their special nobody else wanted to bother competing because they'd need to spend an equally… » 8/19/14 1:06pm Tuesday 1:06pm

I hit 31MPH averages at Summit two weeks ago, and that was with several hairpins and no really long straights. This looks like the same kind of RX7 kart. Not the most impressive out there, but that'll be your tradeoff between handling and power (kart being capable of using more of the track). » 8/19/14 8:45am Tuesday 8:45am

I dunno, I think I had the best college car with an old Dodge Grand Caravan. Sure my race car driver friend had a Monte, and my roommate had a Celica, and there were Jimmys and Subies as well that had more cred than the van that hauled me to soccer practice a decade earlier. But when we all wanted to get Taco Bell at… » 8/04/14 12:08pm 8/04/14 12:08pm

iRacing Sponsors Blanpain Endurance Series Nurburgring 1000, whose popular online racing game is recognized as the most accurate simulation of "real" racing, today announced it will sponsor the Nurburgring 1000. Round 5 of the Blancpain Endurance Series, the " Nurburgring 1000", is scheduled for the weekend of September 19-21. Motorsports fans… » 8/04/14 9:12am 8/04/14 9:12am